Backend Engineer


  • Analyze and systematically approach requirements and bugs reported, always coming up with practical short term and long term solutions that minimize complexity and maximize value.
  • Design and build modular components and services using various suitable tools, services, and applications to transport massive data inflow smoothly and making it available for machine learning based underwriting and business intelligence.
  • PInclude security, maintainability, reusability, and testability when developing software solutions and code reviewing.
  • Factor Linux/Unix OS system internals, data storage, computing resources, microservices in the produced software architecture.
  • Identify things that can go wrong early but also investigate bugs reported in production.
  • Apply and tailor software development concepts and best practices. Work closely with other JULO engineers, products, data scientists, operations.


  • Min 5yrs experience in developing, testing, debugging, and troubleshooting with any programming language, especially manipulating data in Python.
  • Highly skilled in designing complex real world database structures and storing, managing, and analyzing large amount of data in SQL.
  • Highly skilled in all kinds of development tools that brings source code in a text file to running code in production.
  • Experience in agile development process and applications such as Trello.
  • Great team player, have excellent work ethics, and have solid technical communication skills (Indonesian and English)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/ Engineering/ IT, with 3 years of software development experience.

Nice to have experience

Developing, testing, debugging, and troubleshooting with any configuration automation language, especially Ansible.

Master’s Degree in Computer Science/ Engineering/ IT

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