Software Tester


  • anually identify and report bugs early.
  • Fully understand all of product requirements and technical implementations of all of JULO’s apps, services, and tools.
  • Report bugs clearly with all the relevant information to make it fixing easier.
  • FMaintain test cases such that they have good test coverage, informative, and easy to execute.
  • Analyze and systematically approach bugs reported, always coming up with practical short term and long term process improvements to avoid them.
  • Identify things that can go wrong early but also quick to investigate bugs reported in production.
  • Work closely with other JULO engineers, products, data scientists, operations.


  • Pay attention to detail, expect high quality, and care about user experience.
  • Have deep knowledge on web services and mobile applications.
  • Highly skilled in all kinds of development tools that brings source code in a text file to running code in production.
  • Great team player, have excellent work ethics, and have solid technical communication skills (Indonesian and English)
  • Meticulous in following processes and highly organized.
  • Have experience in all kinds of development, testing, and deployment tools.
  • Experience in agile development process and applications such as Trello.
  • Engineering/Computer/IT degree with 2 years of diverse software development experience and teams.

Nice to have experience

Have some experience in coding, testing, debugging, and troubleshooting with a programming language, especially in Python.

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